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Matt Coe

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Matt Coe

A few words about me

I love and have a fascination for any handmade object from the simplest hand tool to the largest sculptural piece. All being lovingly crafted and formed with care and passion only found in something that the artisan has put their heart and soul into but of course the greatest example of this is to be found in our natural world. That has always been my inspiration even from my early childhood. Born and brought up in rural Devon I have always been close to animals and natural world.

A pivotal moment during my childhood was when I took part in an expedition to Iceland for 4 weeks with a group of undergraduates looking at geological sites this freedom and a new found taste for adventure led me to join the army at sixteen leading to various deployments abroad in areas of conflict or for training. My decision to Leave the armed forces 6 years later allowed me to explore and further my fascination with design and specifically creating objects of a practical aspect with an inherent beauty.

Working at an engineering firm for 3 years creating metal furniture destined for bars and clubs in various locations around Europe really gave me valuable experience and time to work out exactly what I wanted to do.

It was during this time I attended basic blacksmithing courses at weekends, paid for by myself and immediately knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I became a blacksmith and 25 years later I am still learning and still loving it. Being self-taught I pride myself on applying a fresh approach with design and ideas. I have always driven myself to perfect existing skills and learn new ones.

Using multimedia such as metals ,stone, wood, polycarbonates etc has added a good range to my skill set and allowed me to work with various groups and individuals in many different scenarios and with many different projects including working with schools collages and early learning groups.

Teaching people what I do and how they can achieve what they set out to do gives me great pleasure and I have a passion for it ,I think it must come from my parents as they were both teachers I find working with clients of all ages ,genders and abilities exciting fulfilling and a great learning experience for myself and hopefully them.

Over the years I have completed many private and public commissions large and small working in many parts of the country they include various councils art works, Exeter Cathedral crown of thorns (suspended from the chapel ceiling), Torre Abbey restoration project, Falmouth regeneration scheme metal work, Crediton and Exeter street furniture, Michael Caines Michelin starred Lympstone Manor hotel and restaurant, NHS trusts and various high profile individuals.

All jobs and commissions are important to me weather they be large or small from a toasting fork to a garden bench to a large set of sculptural gates.

Inspired by nature and the natural world around me I like to take those forms and elements and introduce them into my work.

I always encourage my clients to add to the design process where possible with their own views and
ideas this makes for a good relationship and adds to the commissioned piece or teaching experience.

My reputation is built on quality ,individuality, craftsmanship and a willingness to embrace new
ideas and working methods.

If it’s important to you then it is worth doing well.


Blacksmith, artist, forgemaster

Matt Dingle is an artist blacksmith and forgemaster based in Devon near Crediton. He designs a wide variety of commissioned projects for individuals and the public sector, including ornamental gates, outdoor art and sculpture, street furniture and ornamental iron railings.


Outdoor artwork
Street furntire

Iron railings

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